Kal Spriggs

Kal Spriggs

Kal Spriggs

Kal is a self published author of science fiction and fantasy.  He has already begun publishing two science fiction series: The Shadow Space Chronicles and The Renegades.  The Shadow Space Chronicles is military science fiction and space opera and follows a small faction of humanity as they attempt to stave off multiple threats and to prevent the extinction of the human race.  The Renegades is a novella series that follows a crew of misfits, outlaws, and renegades as they blunder from one encounter to the next, oftentimes heavily outgunned and outnumbered.  Both series are set in the same universe.

He also has an upcoming epic fantasy novel, Echo of the High Kings, which will be published in the near future and two other science fiction series that will be available within the next year.  Kal has to balance his writing between being active duty in the US Army, his wife and family,  and far too many hobbies.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved the book, Read it all in one day, can’t wait for the next one.
    Also loved the space ball references in there. Nice humor when I saw the few references to it and I’d like to think they fit in perfectly. Especially ludicrous speed.

    • ltbeefy says:

      Forgot to log in haha so can’t edit previous post. But liked to say, I’ve added your wordpress to my favorites in the folder of authors who blogs I follow. Will defiantly be looking forward to the next book. Been awhile since I found a sci-fi series that I enjoyed. Though I feel like Lucius got the short end of the stick haha, although the not aging thing might be nice for him if they both can live long enough to enjoy it.

      Ok, another thing. Maybe I missed it, but some people in the story really aren’t described at all. What I mean by that, is that they aren’t really described as to give an idea of what they look like. Kandergain is one such character among others. I mean not necessarily need a good description for all the characters, just mainly need them in my opinion for the main people. Im not sure about other people, but I like to picture everything as I read it happening. Though im pretty sure many people do that to.

      Though, I’ll also be curious how far into the future the next book will take place in. Is it going to follow after the final battle? Or will it start 5 years in the future since the epilogue took place 5 years in the future. Would kinda miss all the events that happened in between, so personally I hope it doesn’t skip.

      Well, that’s enough of my rambling. To sum things up, for the people who don’t want to read all that I wrote. I essentially said, Great book, looking forward to the next, and I’ll be following.

      • ka1spriggs says:

        Glad you enjoyed! The next book, The Shattered Empire, takes place only a short time after the events of this one. It will, hopefully, be available in Fall of 2014.

  2. cbb says:

    Liked it very much, although the renegades novellas from various POV’s are my favorite bits. Nice to see some good light space opera. Generally well written, nice to have a new universe. Somehow the characterization of the Baron seems a bit flatter and perhaps more static (his situation evolves, not clear that he does) than some of your others.

  3. Morris says:

    Will all your stories be multiple novels? Frankly, I try to avoid series that have over three novels. Actually, one is better. I like the stories to end, not go on and in.
    Looking forward to your comments.

    • ka1spriggs says:

      I do have several stand-alone novels written, and I’ll be getting them up as I get time to edit/rewrite. I do try to tie most of my novels to a close, but many of my novels tie into a larger universe, and some will be part of a series. As currently plotted, The Fallen Race will be part of a three to four book series. I’m not a fan of 20+ book series, in general. I like my characters to have a story/character arc and to complete that arc. I will, however, have other books and even series which tie into one another.

      The novellas are very much a continuing series. While each is a story to itself, I like to expand the general storyline with each one.

  4. Viktor says:

    Was a lille sceptic at first. But it turns out to be one of the top sf books I have read in a long time. Can’t wait for the next one. You think you can send som of thous shadow lords to pick up a ex and jump back and give me it tomorrow? Good work and I hope you will keep writing more books.

    Regards viktor

  5. Patrick says:

    I enjoyed reading this novel immensely, even more so than your Renegades novellas which I liked a lot. The book was well written and imaginative – you are definitely a natural born writer. The universe is well developed, as are most of the characters relevant to the storyline. I definitely liked how you controlled the pace of the story – you didn’t make us read through excess detail to show the passage of time, and emphasized the important and fun parts of the plot. I look forward to reading the sequel ad well as Fenris Unchained & Eden Insurrection.

  6. ray gabbert says:

    Mr. Spriggs, I’ve been a SF fan for 60 years and believe I can recognize an author destined
    to become one of the greats. Keep it up. I’ll be reading as soon as you write.

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